Here is some of the feedback given by students who have completed one of the courses created by Wordcraft Publishing:

Junko, Japan: “The recording task made me a bit nervous at first, but I felt my progress each time. And James’s feedback is so encouraging and I like to listening to it”.

Jose, Colombia: “The content chosen for each lesson is extremely useful and the different content presented are aspects that if well understood can make a difference when speaking”.

Alibek, Kazakhstan: “The (asynchronous method) is efficient because when you record yourself, you have a chance to play your recording and the feedback you get on it multiple times. Listening to your recording again helps to avoid doing the same mistakes in future”.

Kuralay, Kazakhstan: “There is no feedback on the other IELTS sites from a teacher, outside of live lessons. Here I got both spoken and written feedback which was very good. Face-to-face feedback can be forgotten, but this feedback can be replayed. Also, this course is convenient because you can work on the tasks at any time. You don’t have to travel anywhere or meet someone at a particular time”.

Gabi, Brazil: “The language points that were chosen for the course are very useful for the IELTS exam. The way they are displayed in steps is very logical”.

Ivanka, Peru: “The way I received feedback on this course was better than face-to-face feedback, because I could check it weeks later. It’s also nice to see the work and feedback of other students on the platform too”.

Juan Carlos, Colombia: “The feedback given on the final tasks is very personalised. This isn’t always the case in normal classes because the teacher doesn’t always have time to give the whole class very detailed feedback”.

Marina, Kazakhstan: “This course exceeded my expectations, not just because of the practice, but also the new language that was introduced in every lesson in the videos and exercises”.

Rafael, Brazil: “I really like the convenience of this course, I can do it from anywhere on my laptop or even my phone. The quality and structure of the course really stand out”.

Maria, Mexico: “Listening to the pronunciation and answers given by the other students and listening to their feedback was helpful for my own preparation for the tasks”.