Terms of Service

Welcome to the terms of service page. Please read this in detail before purchasing a course from us.

When visiting this website before payment, you will see all 16 lessons that are offered on both courses on the home page. You will see the titles of the lessons and you can even click on the individual lessons to see both the lesson introduction and the opening video. However, the rest of the lesson will be hidden. This includes the downloadable exercises (aside from the examples at the start of lesson 1 in both courses), audio clips and the final task, in which you could try various IELTS speaking and writing tasks for yourself and then receive personalised feedback (see the tutorial for an example lesson).

What is sold:

After payment, everything mentioned above becomes available for the course that you buy - you can complete the whole lesson and once you have completed an interactive task you will receive feedback on it within 24 hours. If you complete multiple tasks in a single day, the first one posted will receive priority and you may not receive feedback for the rest of them within those 24 hours. Each student will receive detailed feedback on 1 interactive task per day. This number may increase depending on the workload of the teacher. Feedback will be given from Sunday to Thursday and not on Fridays or Saturdays. You can still post tasks on these days, but feedback will not be given until Sunday. After purchasing one of these courses, you will have 30 consecutive days of access to all parts of the lessons of that course. After the thirtieth day, access will be removed, so make sure you download the exercises, answers and all your work that you would like to keep as your posts and audio recordings will be removed from the Padlet walls and deleted. Wordcraft Publishing does not accept any liability for any potential viruses dowloaded from third-party platforms.

What is expected of you:

To understand and make the most of these courses, it is recommended that you have a minimum English level of B1 (intermediate) on the CEFR scale, before purchasing this course. The 'IELTS Speaking Course' contains 8 lessons and should take around 12 hours to complete. The 'IELTS Writing Course' also contains 8 lessons, but could take up to 18 hours to complete. This is because the IELTS writing tasks are longer than the IELTS speaking tasks. The time it takes to complete each course will vary depending on each individual, their schedule and their English level. For best results, you should try to follow the lessons in order, but it is not mandatory. Finally, to work through these courses you will need a device such as a personal computer or laptop with internet access and access to audio and a microphone for the speaking course. You can also access the course from a mobile device, but for best results, use a personal computer or laptop.

Using Padlet:

Padlet is used as the medium for the interactivity on this website. You will be asked to set up a Padlet profile in order to participate in the interactive tasks if you do not already have one. In the welcome email that you will receive after purchasing a course, you will be invited to join the classroom 'Wordcraft Task Walls' on Padlet. Please use the same email address for Padlet as the one you use to log into this website. This process is free and you will need to be logged into your profile when you post anything on the website. Anything that is posted anonymously (while not logged in) will receive a response that requests you to log into Padlet and repost what you have written. Any work posted anonymously will not be marked. If you see any anonymous posts that have been marked, these are most likely posts by former students whose Padlet accounts have been deleted. Please note that it is your responsibility to manage your own Padlet account in terms of profile information, passwords, notifications, etc. and please make sure that you do not share the Padlets on this website anywhere else.

It is also important to mention that if you write or record tasks on the Padlets that are much longer than what is required in the task instructions, which are based on the official IELTS exam, you will be asked to shorten the essay or recording that you have produced before it is marked. In addition, if you post work that is unrelated to the designated task on the Padlet, it will not be marked.

Age restrictions:

The courses on this website contain no explicit content. However, as our forums are subject to posts from adult members, students who enrol on these courses must be 18 years of age or older. Wordcraft Publishing does not accept any liability for anyone enrolled on our courses under the age of 18.

The purchase currency:

All prices that are stated on the website are in Pound Sterling (£).

Customer service contact information:

For specific customer service contact information, please read our contact page.


Whole refunds may only be made in exceptional circumstances. For example, if you buy both courses at the same time, a refund can be given for one of them if you cannot join it after you finish the first course. As mentioned on the 'buy course' page, it is not possible to enrol on more than one course at a time. For either course, if you have submitted work on the interactive tasks and received feedback, then a refund may not be possible. Please watch the tutorial on the home page before purchasing a course to know what to expect. Contact wordcraft-publishing@outlook.com if you have any other issues and we will try to resolve them.

Privacy policy:

When you post your work during an interactive task, you will appear as 'anonymous' unless you log into your Padlet account set up through the welcome email. You are required to do this in order to receive feedback, but it is your choice whether or not you would like to state your name in your Padlet profile or in your posts. Just make sure that your profile is appropriate for a public forum. Please note however, that Wordcraft Publishing accepts no responsibility for the sharing of personal information on our forums.

Aside from leaving comments, no other Padlet user apart from 'WPTeacher' will be able to edit your posts. As stated in 'what is sold', all your posts and audio recordings will be removed from the Padlet walls and deleted after 30 days from purchase. During and after the course, billing details will be retained on Stripe, our secure payment platform, for the purposes of handling refunds, cross-checking email addresses with this website, etc. As for cookies and all other data, this website is managed by Ghost Pro and for more information their website can be browsed by clicking here. Wordcraft Publishing does not sell your data to third parties.

Code of conduct:

As you will be sharing this plaform with other students, it is encouraged that you communicate with each other on the community wall, or even during the interactive tasks in the lessons. However, please understand that any abuse towards other participants, misuse of the online platform, or any other violations of this terms of service will result in a warning, or in serious cases or repeat offenses, that participant’s membership being revoked without refund.

Website security and payment information:

As mentioned in the 'privacy policy' section, this website is hosted by Ghost Pro. This means that the website is managed by live servers which can detect any issues and resolve them quickly. This is a secure website (https) and as mentioned in 'Privacy policy', payments are made via Stripe.

All content displayed on this website is the intellectual property of Wordcraft Publishing with the exception of certain images and quotes whose original creators are referenced accordingly. Anything copied or downloaded from a page that bears the phrase ‘Wordcraft Publishing ©' followed by the current year is for consumer use only. Business use is strictly prohibited.